Membership benefits


The UJF has holiday homes at the Vierumäki resort and spa in southern Finland, and at two locations in Saariselkä, about 30 km from Ivalo, in Lapland.

The Vierumäki holiday destination has two separate apartments in a detached house. Contact the UJF office for information on bookings and availability. The union also has shares in the Vierumäki golf course. This allows members to play four games per day on Vierumäki’s Classic golf course. Union residents at the holiday apartments have priority choice of game bookings, details of which are with the Caddie Master at the gold course.

In Saariselkä the Tunturimaja provides hostel-style accommodation for up to four people, while the adjacent Uutistunturi holiday home is equipped for up to six people. The union does not handle bookings for the Saariselkä destinations, which are done through Lomarengas. Telephone: 0306 502 502, email:

Read more about the union's holiday homes (in Finnish).


Types of insurance available to union members:

  1. Union insurance, which includes recreational accident and travel insurance
  2. Professional liability and legal expenses insurance for occupation-related damages. The use of this insurance cover requires permission from the UJF Board.
  3. Organization insurance, which provides cover in the event of personal and material damage incurred while carrying out organizational duties.

More information on the insurance (in Finnish).

Legal protection

Assistance for UJF members include:

  • elected workplace shop stewards
  • occupational safety and health matters from OSH representatives
  • ombudsman services for freelancers, including first-hand assistance on freelance issues at individual publishing houses
  • ombudsman services on collective agreements and terms of employment
  • advice on legal and terms of employment  (Mon-Fri, 13.00-16.00, tel: 044-7555 000)

Resolving disputes to do with collective agreements follows a set procedure. The first is to contact your shop steward.

Some matters have to be resolved in court. Because this is highly expensive, the UJF has taken out legal protection insurance to cover members’ possible court costs.


The UJF’s ethical standards do not allow the union to acquire perks and benefits for members, as this could lead to conflicts of interest and problematic dependencies that undermine the profession and impede journalists’ ability to carry out their work. The only procurement made using membership subscriptions from an outside provider is the insurance coverage for union members.

A variety of facilities offer union members who show their press cards various benefits, discounts, and free admission to events. This is regardless of whether or not members are on assignment. The union discourages members from using their press cards for personal gain under the guise of professional activity.

Other membership benefits