The structure of the union is based on its member associations, of which there are currently 18.

Three of the associations are national: the Radio and TV Journalists Union (RTTL), the Association of Freelance Journalists in Finland (AFJ) and Union of Film and Media Employees Finland (SET). The regional associations mainly represent regional and local print press, and news and picture agencies.

The associations elect their representatives to the UJF Council, which is the union’s highest decision-making body. The Council, which has about 80 members, meets at least twice a year. It decides on such things as the UJF’s budget and collective bargaining agreements.

The Board of the union, presided over since 2015 by Hanne Aho, operates from the union’s headquarters. The two board vice-presidents and 10 board members are professional working journalists.

In addition to the president, advocacy director, finance and administration director and 10 ombudsmen , eight office staff and the staff of Journalisti magazine are based at the UJF’s offices in Helsinki’s Hakaniemi district.

The main work of the union takes place in its nearly 120 editorial branches, mostly based in the workplace. The size of the branches varies from a few members to the over 450-member Sanoma editorial branch.

Most workplace union members have shop stewards, who are elected for two-year terms.