A key task of the Union of Journalists in Finland is to safeguard journalistic ethics, which are both central to the freedom of expression on which the journalistic profession and its whole identity depend.

Journalistic ethics are also crucial to the practice of imparting sound information and ideas in the public domain. Good journalism is best promoted in the workplace, so that both old hands and rookies get a practical understanding of Guidelines for Journalists and other main codes of professional ethics.

The UJF is the key stakeholder of the Council for Mass Media in Finland. The union is involved in the CMM’s work to safeguard the development of self-regulation in the media.

The UJF is a prime initiator of public debate on journalism and freedom of expression. It emphasises the importance of professional journalism as a foundation of a democratic society.

The UJF also plays an important role, together with the rest of the trade union movement and other areas of civil society, in influencing government policy. The union also scrutinises national and international law, and seeks to prevent restrictions on and abuses of freedom of expression.

The UJF also plays an important role in upholding journalists’ copyrights and their professional work at national and international level.