The Union of Journalists in Finland (UJF), founded in 1921, now boasts nearly 14,000 members working across print media, broadcasting, publishing, and new communications media.

In the interests of journalists

The UJF is an independent trade union that negotiates collective bargaining agreements. It works to further the financial, social and professional standing of its members, both salaried and freelancers. The union does not belong to but cooperates with trade union confederations.

The main job of the union is to improve the financial and professional situation and working conditions of its members, regardless of the members’ form of work.

The structure of the union is based on its member associations, of which there are currently 18.

The UJF is also an international association. An international committee coordinates the union’s international work.

The Finnish Union of Journalists was founded on 28 March 1921.

Membership hinges on your profession

Membership is open to all whose work contains essential elements of journalism and whose work is professional in nature.


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