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The main job of the Union of Journalists in Finland is to improve the financial and professional situation and working conditions of its members, regardless of the members’ form of work.

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Are you looking for information about our international affairs? Or a foreign journalist searching for more information about the union? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Salla Nazarenko

International Affairs Specialist

Phone: 044 972 9791

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Mika Heijari

Press officer

Phone: 050 560 4224



The union and its affiliates organize several different trainings and events each month. Most of the events are in Finnish but we also organize events in Swedish and English.

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02.03.2024 klo 09:30

Journalistiliiton toimisto / Säästöpankinranta 2 A 7. krs

Luottamushenkilönä toimiminen elokuva- ja tv-alalla la 2.3.

12.03.2024 klo 09:30

Scandic Simonkenttä / Simonkatu 9

Yhdistyspäivät 12. – 13.3.

19.03.2024 klo 10:30

Journalistiliiton toimisto / Säästöpankinranta 2 A, 7. krs

Teemapäivä: Yhteistoimintaa ja muutosneuvotteluja 19.3.