The union’s members include people who are employees or freelance journalists and who work for the press, broadcasting, publishing and online media.

What you get when you join

As a member of the UJF you are offered an extensive package of services that if bought separately and at full purchase price would far exceed the union sub.

About the Union

Membership is based on your work, not on what you were trained in or studied. Union members comprise employees and freelancers working for print media, broadcasting, film and television production, publishing firms and online media.

Membership entitles you to important financial security, such as if you lose your job or have legal problems.

Your press card allows you to certain benefits, such as discounts and free entrance to certain events, regardless of whether you are on a work assignment.

The Union of Journalists in Finland boasts nearly 14,000 members.

Join the union

You can become a member of the UJF if your work involves essential journalistic features and is professional in nature.