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AV translators: freelancers must be paid in line with collective agreement

AV translators from major translation agencies have launched an appeal for freelance pay to come within the scope of existing competitive bidding.

Translators in the audio-visual sector employed by BTI Studios and SDI Media are concerned that the agencies will seek deals with the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) and the commercial broadcaster MTV for pay levels markedly lower than under the collective agreement achieved a year ago.

During the negotiations, the parties agreed unanimously on the need to develop the terms of employment used in the AV translation sector. Immediately after the agreement was signed BTI Studios fired some of its translators who were covered by the agreement.

But its freelancers are being paid a fraction of the pay level covered by the collective agreement. SDI Media, meanwhile, has not signed the collective agreement, despite taking an active part throughout the negotiations in shaping their outcome. Freelance pay at SDI Media is also far lower than in the collective agreement.

The translators supporting the appeal stress that the agencies must abide by the terms of the collective agreement at all levels of commissioning translation work. To access and sign the appeal (in Finnish), go to:  www.av-kaantajat.fi/?x103997=518596