Yle programme workers protest dismissals from the Akutti team

Public broadcaster programme workers’ statement accuses employer of acting in bad faith over job losses.

The Yle programme workers’ association, YOT, have denounced the dismissal of seven employees from Oulu who work on Akutti, the health programme shown by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

A statement issued by YOT stresses that it does not believe that the company acted in good faith at redundancy negotiations with the association, and that there was a prior agenda to scotch the scope for saving jobs.

YOT says that the condition for retaining jobs that they be relocated to Helsinki was unreasonable. For many employees it would have entailed radical family upheaval.
YOT shop stewards came away from the talks with a different view of the solution, believing that work performed in Oulu would be completely viable.

The association considers the outcome whereby seven Oulu Akutti employees face dismissal unfair and have appealed that they be allowed to continue to make the quality, award winning programmes that they have produced for the public broadcaster for many years.