News / 01.10.2009

Why doesn’t multiculturism gain ground in the media?

The seminar saw a brisk discussion by journalists from among proto-Finns and new citizens, researchers and communications officers of immigration services.

Some select comments:

“Why isn’t multiculturalism understood? Finnish journalists don’t advance it. This is why we need journalists from among new citizens in the main media. Otherwise genuine multiculturalism will remain alien to Finnish people.”

“The same thing was talked about in Sweden in the 1970s. More and more accents could be heard on the radio. It’s just a matter of resolve whether this is also the case in Finland.

“I’ve been coming to these sorts of conferences for ten years. There’s been progress in what’s been said but unfortunately not in what’s been done.”

“It’s good that there are new points of view emerging through social media and the blog culture.”

“Traditional news criteria are changing and you maybe see this in that what is seen as normal for one person is not normal for another.”

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