News / 27.03.2013

Unions issue strike warning in MTV3

The Journalists Union announced that they would embark on a strike Thursday, April 11 at 4.30 am if an agreement is not reached by then. Trade Union Pro’s strike action would take place on the same day at 6.00 am. Trade Union Pro is the largest private sector union for clerical employees and the largest member of the Finnish Confederation of Professionals (STTK).

The collective agreement of programme workers of MTV and Subtv ended at the end of February this year but the seven weeks of collective agreement negotiations have not produced any results. Within the last three weeks the employer has not made any move on the issue of salary increase, rather affirming it would not go beyond the 0,5 per cent level. Negotiations ended on Monday without any agreement.

The Union of Journalists in Finland would have been prepared to continue with the negotiations. At the beginning of February the Union tabled a proposal for a 2.2 per cent general salary increase during the period of the agreement which lasts tenth months. On the other hand, the last counter proposal by the employer during the crippled negotiations was 1.3 per cent increase, and fighting opposing to its weakened proposals on social benefits and occupational health.

Similarly the collective agreement negotiations between Trade Union Pro and the Federation of Finnish Media Industry (VKL) also ran aground on Tuesday in the same way when both parties failed to reach agreement on the level of salary increase. Trade Union Pro proposed a 1.3 per cent and at least, 40 euros salary increase.

All branches of MTV with the exception of Radio Nova are parties to the industrial dispute. However, news programme workers of Radio Nova and Nouhau Productions, well as contract workers in Nouhau Professionals working for MTV are parties to the industrial dispute.

Members of the clerical workers’ union who are parties to the dispute are television planners, technical support staff, finance personnel, office assistants, news organisers and marketing assistants. Altogether a total of 250 programme workers and clerical staff have declared their intention to participate in the strike.

The Union of Journalists in Finland and programme worker of MTV will keep their members informed of all necessary preparations towards the strike within the two-week arbitration period.

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