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Union support for Ukraine: 15 000 euro to protect journalists and media

Union of Journalists in Finland is providing 15 000 euro to support Ukraine’s journalists and the country’s crucially important news media. The union stresses that during war accurate and reliable information is essential.

“It’s important that journalists in Ukraine are allowed to do their vital work so that the world knows what is happening there,” said Salla Nazarenko, the UJF’s international affairs expert.

The union has called for journalists’ work in the war zone to be protected. There are already reports of media professionals being killed and wounded.

The UJF’s support to Ukraine’s journalists is being channelled through the Ukraine Safety Fund created by the European Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists. The journalists’ organisations have intensified their mutual cooperation in order to help ease the situation of journalists in Ukraine.

The funding will be used to directly support and protect journalists in Ukraine. Journalists in danger will be helped to carry out their work amidst the conflict and will be given emergency humanitarian aid, protective equipment and first aid supplies.