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Union of Journalists in Finland support Ukraine

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Dear Ukrainian colleagues,  As the war continues in your country, you keep on working to keep your citizens informed, to protect them from lies and disinformation and to help them overcome the horrors of the ruthless attack on your democracy. We, your colleagues in Finland think of you every day, admiring your courage and your persistence as you work sometimes without pay or without protection, sometimes at the cost of your lives.  Ukrainian journalists have showed everyone what freedom of speech means. Journalism is never just a business – it brings a light to the darkness as it stands for truth even when the task seems impossible.  Your future is our future.   Union of Journalists in Finland is providing 15 000 euro to support Ukraine’s journalists and the country’s crucially important news media.

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The union wants to support journalism in Gaza. It allows the world to know what is happening in the conflict zone.

Historic AV translation collective agreement: includes minimum rates for self-employed

The parties to the audio-visual (AV) translator agencies’ collective agreement have given their approval to the settlement negotiated on 19 April. This collective agreement is historic: for the first time in Finland, solo self-employed people’s rates have been agreed in a collective agreement.

Union of Journalists in Finland donates further 5000 euros to journalists and media in Ukraine

The UJF is making an additional donation of 5000 euros to journalists and media in Ukraine. The union’s board has decided to make the donation on the first anniversary of the war, which was launched by Russia on 24 February last year. The funding will be channelled through the Ukraine Safety Fund. In March 2022, […]