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UJF president becomes 2021 chair of the CMM support association

UJF president Hanne Aho. Photo: Heli Saarela

The Council for Mass Media, the self-regulatory media watchdog, has elected UJF president Hanne Aho as the new board chair of its support association.

The support association is a registered NGO that administers the CMM’s affairs and selects its chair and members.

The election and the appointment of other board members of the support association were made at its autumn meeting, held 24 November. Hanne Aho will chair the board for 2021.

The other board members, appointed for the period 2021 to 2023, include Mikko Hoikka, CEO of the Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association, and Timo Huovinen, the head of journalistic standards and ethics at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle).

New members of the CMM

The meeting also elected new members of the Council: Mona Haapsaari, editor-in-chief of MTV news, Marja Keskitalo development manager for journalistic competence at Yle, Alma Onal, Baltic stringer for Helsingin Sanomat, and Aija Pirinen, editor-in-chief of Viikkosavo.

Heidi Finnilä, Svenska Yle journalist, Valtteri Kujansuu, programme manager at Radio SUN, Hanna Parhaniemi, editor-in-chief of Kalajokiseutu, and Kari Pyrhönen, journalist for MTV news, were elected as deputy members of the Council.