More than 122* journalists have been killed in the war in Gaza, most of them while working.

According to Human Rights Watch, Israel has also deliberately targeted journalists at least once. The attack took place in southern Lebanon in October, killing one journalist and injuring six others. Israel has not held anyone responsible for the attack.

The UJF condemns the killing of journalists and joins international organisations in calling on Israel to do everything in its power to prevent the deaths of journalists and other civilians.

“Gaza is one of the worst places in the world to be a journalist. Nearly a hundred journalists have been killed in an exceptionally short period of time during the ongoing conflict,” said UJF President Hanne Aho.

The union’s board has decided to donate €5,000 to a fund run by the Danish International Media Support (IMS). The fund supports journalists in Gaza by providing equipment, bulletproof vests, helmets and psycho-social support.

“The union wants to support journalism in Gaza. It allows the world to know what is happening in the conflict zone,” said Aho.

*updated 6th February: source United Nations

International Media Support website:

The Committee to Protect Journalists monitors the situation of journalists in Gaza.