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The Council awarded honorary freedom of expression scholarships of Eur 5000 to two pioneering journalists, Antti Kuronen and Johanna Vehkoo. Photo: Mika Heijari

UJF Council elects new leadership, rewards union activists and courageous journalists

UJF President Hanne Aho has been elected for a third four-year term, for the period 2023–2026, by the UJF Council, which met 1 December in Helsinki. Aho has led the UJF as president since 2015. “The union works for its members and freedom of speech. I am proud to be able to continue this work”, she said in response to her re-election.

The union also elected a new Council and Board:


Council bureau

– Chair Antti Laakso, Radio and Television Journalists’ Union

– First Vice Chair Kaisa Kauppila, Helsinki Region Journalists

– Second Vice Chair, Sini Silvan, Turku Journalists Association



Hanne Aho continues as the Chair of the Board and UJF President.

Sanna Väre (Radio and Television Journalists’ Union) First Vice Chair.

Ville Hänninen (Finnish freelance journalists) Second Vice Chair.

– Jenni Gästgivar, Helsinki Region Journalists

– Sanna Inkinen, Savo-Kainuu Journalists Association

– Matleena Kuusela, Finnish Film and Media Professionals Finland

– Marko Laitala, Helsinki Region Journalists

– Mikko Martikainen, Radio and Television Journalists’ Union

– Jarno Miettinen, Radio and Television Journalists’ Union

– Sari Pelttari-Heikka, Journalists Association of Northern Finland

– Sari Sainio, Pirkanmaa Journalists Association

– Jani Tanskanen, Radio and Television Journalists’ Union

– Marjaana Varmavuori, Helsinki Region Journalists


The UJF Council invited former UJF President Arto Nieminen to be an honorary member of the union. Nieminen was UJF President from 2006 to 2014.

The Council awarded the following union members with merit badges for their distinguished union activity: Kari Asikainen (journalist), Hanna Kuonanoja (journalist), Anne Laurila (chief editor), Jyrki Saarikoski (journalist), Timo Sipola, Marita Tiihonen (journalist).

The Council also awarded honorary freedom of expression scholarships of Eur 5000 to two pioneering journalists. Antti Kuronen received the scholarship for his reporting from eastern Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh and Syria, and his highlighting the human impact of war. Johanna Vehkoo received the award for her work in defence of freedom of expression in Finland and for her persistent struggle against defamation and hate speech resulting from her work as a journalist.