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Sipilä and Soini respond to UJF: Turkey must return to democracy path

“Turkey has a democratically elected government that must not be unseated by force,” write the prime minister and foreign minister to the UJF.

The letter to the UJF from Sipilä and Soini dated 12 August was in reply to a missive from Union president Hanne Aho and ombudsman Juha Rekola caling on the government to express their concerns for freedom of expression and the press in Turkey.

The Union also asked the government to urge the Turkish government to stop its attacks on the media.

The prime minister and foreign minister wrote that Finland had unequivocally condemned the coup attempt in Turkey and stressed that the country’s democratically elected government must not be forcibly unseated.

Sipilä and Soini conclude: “Freedom of speech and expression are central basic and human rights and the fundamental pillars of democratic society. Finland will vigorously uphold these rights now and in the future.”

Find attached below an unofficial translation of the prime ministers and foreign ministers letter.