News / 12.12.2012

Letter to Finnish journalists from Mustafa Balbay in Silivri prison – Istanbul

Given my journalism activities, I have been held in prison for 4 years in Istanbul-Silivri penitentiary that processes the same qualities that are similar to a concentration camp.

The court that I am being judged is established inside the penitentiary specially.
Turkey is moving away from the principles of “rule of law” very quickly. Especially against the backdrop of the trials of Istanbul-Silivri, the law has been placed in the hands of the government and is being used as a tool for revenge.

For example, in the ongoing Ergenekon trial, under the cover of investigating the military coup plans, opponents have been falsely accused of conspiring against the state and were imprisoned.

In this context, I carried to the parliamentary elections in June 2011 and I was elected as an MP, Izmir in the CHP, the main opposition party of Turkey. Despite I represent the national will as an MP, political power directed the court for my detention.

By limiting the right of defense and skipping the assessment of evidences stage, the court proceeds to the judgment stage and the punishments that the prosecutor wants will be stated on December 13, 2012.

In Turkey, 8 members of parliament, nearly 100 journalists, nearly 1000 university students, thousands of people from different jobs are held in prison because of their actions that the political power do not like.

We invite you to say “No to the Unlawfulness in Turkey” in every venue you see fit, but especially in social media on that day.


See also EFJ statement ahead of the hearing in Ergenekon case.

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