News / 09.01.2013

Freelance member: Forgotten to post your tax assessment?

In December 2012 the UJF council decided that also freelance subscriptions will from now on be set according to income.


On 28 January (week 5) the union will send membership subscription forms to all members. If we do not receive members’ tax assessments, they will initially be charged the maximum subscription rate. It will be possible to adjust the subscription fee later, but it will save the bother of having to do so if you act now.

Exceptionally, the subscription for January will be payable together with the fee for February on 28.2.2013. If you have the original letter from the membership register, please use the link on it to notify us of your 2011 tax assessment. Otherwise send us your tax assessment by post to the Union of Journalists in Finland, PO Box 252, 00531 Helsinki.

If you have any questions concerning the union’s membership register contact us at:


By phone from 09.00 – 11.30 Arja Katila 050 366 3501 or Tuire Leppänen 050 369 4737.

(NB: the union office will be closed from 14-17 January when it will move to new premises)

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