News / 23.03.2015

Alma Media plans to merge Lapland titles will lead to layoffs

The Alma Media group is planning to merge its two dailies in Lapland leading to layoffs amounting to cutbacks of 30 people-years.

Alma Media is planning a major overhaul of its two Lapland daily papers, Lapin Kansa and Pohjolan Sanomat. Their editorial staff, sales and production will be amalgamated, and from the beginning of June just one paper will be published, Lapin Kansa.

Its second edition will have partly different content and will be published as Pohjolan Sanomat, distributed in the Kemi-Tornio area.

Online and mobile versions of the papers will also be revamped and be made available by paid subscription only.

The company claims that its distribution costs for Lapland’s long distances have increased at an “uncontrollable rate”. It says that the planned changes aim to secure the future of Alma Media’s newspapers in the province.

Staff employed at Lapin Kansa, Uuden Rovaniemi, Pohjolan Sanomat and Lounais-Lappi were made aware of the planned changes at statutory personnel negotiations (aka employer-employee negotiations) held 20 March.

Alma Media reckons that the ensuing layoffs will represent a reduction of some 30 person-years.

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