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UJF press card for 2021-2022 must be self-ordered — the digital card will be updated automatically

The union is making change to the process of issuing press cards for 2021-2022. The card will no longer be automatically sent to members. From next year, members will have to order the card from the union themselves. Existing cards will expire at the end of this year.

Applications for the press card can be made via the link  on the union website.

The first new cards will be mailed to members in December, a few weeks following the receipt of requests. The design of the card will be changed to match the union’s new look.

The use of the digital press card will continue and union members will not have to apply or make any changes concerning the card. The card is automatically updated in the phone app at the turn of the year. If members do not yet have a digital card, it can be ordered from the union’s membership administrator by e-mail jasenasiat@journalistiliitto.fi .

“More and more union members have started using the digital press card,” says the union’s head of services Simon Huldén. “You have it with you on your phone and it’s easy to use. The same trend is usual with different kinds of membership and loyalty cards, which are being given digital formats on your cell phone.”

Digitising press cards is also an environmental issue. If the plastic card was still being made for all 14 000 union members, it would translate as 70 kilos of plastic. Currently, some 12 000 union members already use the digital press card.

“The press card and the digital card are important, as they prove that you are a professional journalist,” says Huldén. The card also entitles members to a variety of benefits that have a cash value. Huldén stresses that each applicant for the plastic card should check that details of their address are correct, so that the card reaches the right destination.


Press card changes in brief

  • Existing cards expire on 31 December 2020
  • The new press card, for 2021 – 2022, will not be sent to you automatically
  • You have to request for the press card, which is free of charge, via the UJF extranet website
  • You can apply for the new card from extranet. (service in Finnish and Swedish only)
  • Your digital press card will remain valid, and will be updated automatically at the turn of the year. Digital cardholders do not have to do anything to renew the card.
  • In case you haven’t got it yet, you can apply for a digital press card by email at jasenasiat@journalistiliitto.fi
  • The appearance of the plastic press card and the digital card are being changed in line with the UJF’s revamped look
  • For more information and advice contact membership services at jasenasiat@journalistiliitto.fi