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UJF: preserve diversity of commercial TV news

Union says robust news operations by commercial TV needed alongside those of public broadcaster.

The UJF’s head of advocacy, Petri Savolainen, has submitted a statement by the union to the working group of the Ministry of Transport and Communications tasked with evaluating the news operations of commercial TV.

The union’s statement to the committee expresses concern at a number of trends in commercial TV news coverage, where a narrowing of content sourcing and reduction of resources has had a negative impact on the range of news content. The diversity of news must be safeguarded, says the union in its submission.

The union points out that the public broadcaster has an important role in TV news operations, and that alongside this a robust and diverse commercial TV news service is needed.

The statement stresses the need to ensure that varied domestic news content should be a requirement of the licensing stipulations for introducing new commercial channels.

The union also urges that no further advertising restrictions be placed on commercial TV, and that support models should be developed for commercial TV news.