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UJF awards for services to the union

The UJF has presented Merit Badges to eight union members who have furthered the work of the union and journalism during the course of their media careers.

They are joined by Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, president of the European Federation of Journalists, who received the award for his contribution to the development of the journalism movement both in his native Denmark and on the European stage. This was the union’s first international award in the last two decades.

The Merit Badges and citations were presented by UJF president Hanne Aho at the dinner of the UJF council, 14 December.

The recipients of the merit awards are:

Satu Harlahti, publishing editor at WSOY/Bonnier, for her work to improve the situation of publishing editorial staff; Matti Hilska, retired, for his union work at Etelä-Suomen Sanomat newspaper; Jarmo Hämäläinen, journalist / producer at Etelä-Saimaa and Uutisvuoksi, whose union activity included shop steward work; Seppo Metso, representative of the union of radio and TV journalists; Irene Pakkanen, freelance journalist with over 20 years of service as a union shop steward; Marja Palmunen, retired, who worked at all levels of the union, including as a shop steward and the organisation’s ombudsman; Seppo Puttonen, Finnish Broadcasting Company journalist, who has worked as shop steward and deputy chief shop steward, and been a member of the UJF board and council; and, Jaana Virtanen, office manager at the Association of Helsinki Region Journalists.