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The Union and Finnmedia call for VAT cut on digital media

The UJF and the media industry advocacy organisation Finnmedia have called on the Finnish government to cut VAT for online newspapers and books.

The UJF and Finnmedia have directed their call to the ministerial committee responsible for drafting the government’s tax policy decisions. The two organisations argue that the high level of VAT on digital newspapers, magazines and books would provide key incentives for the development of this area of the media sector.

The UJF president, Hanne Aho, and the managing director of Finnmedia, Jukka Holmberg, hope that the government will reduce VAT on digital media in its budget decisions.

The call by the two organisations states: “Lowering the tax rate to the level of printed products will accelerate the digitisation of the media sector, boost investments, and improve the sector’s ability to generate jobs and tax revenue. It will support the free press that is necessary for an active democracy, and the publishing that educates people in Finland.”

The EU Commission’s proposal that VAT on digital publications be lowered to the level of printed ones will be decided on by the EU Council this autumn. The proposal was not adopted by the meeting of finance ministers in June due to opposition by the Czech Republic.