Last year’s employer-employee negotiations resulted in 179 lay-offs and a cut in journalistic work input by a minimum of 331 person-years.

The figures come from the media sector employer-employee negotiations. They include both UFJ members as well as non-members who would qualify for membership.

The corresponding figure for 2013 was 172, so last year represents an increase, although the annual rate of lay offs has been falling since 2012 when 205 journalists lost their jobs.

Last year’s lay-offs represent a loss of 331 person-years to the media sector.

Media sector employers have also reduced personnel costs by cutting back on severance packages, taking less freelance work and not renewing fixed-term work contracts for journalists.

Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, laid off 26 journalists in 2014 and cut its labour input by a total of 75 person-years.

Sanoma Media, which held two sets of negotiations with employees last year, fired 54 journalists, representing a reduction of 60 person-years.