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Journalists’ Support Fund launched

A support fund for journalists has been launched as part of the Foundation to Promote Journalistic Culture (Jokes).

Journalists facing threats, persecution and other forms of harassment can now apply for assistance from the fund to cover expenses caused by the harrasment, like crisis therapy, investigative work linked to reporting an offence, or installing security equipment.

The logo of the Journalists’ Support Fund
The logo of the Journalists’ Support Fund is designed by Mia Ylisuutari.

The fund aims to support journalists in situations where help from their employers, union or the authorities are either insufficient or too slow.

The fund can for instance help journalists who are subject to cyberbullying campaign to hire assistants to collect the evidence needed for filing a criminal report concerning harassment.

“Journalists are on the side of open society and part of it. Perhaps this is why more and more new threats are coming up that in the worst case can endanger health.

“Sometimes harassment takes up almost all of the time and energy dedicated to the job,” says Matti Posio, Editor in Chief at Lännen Media, and chair of the management board of the Journalists Support Fund.

“We may not even be able to determine in advance what kind of situations a support fund may need. Most freelance journalists and other journalists who do not have one stable employer, such as a media house, need the most information and support.”

The fund comes under the wing of the Jokes foundation. It was established by a number of Finnish media houses and the union, and includes the Finnish periodical Publishers’ Association, the UJF, Finnmedia, Finnish Newspapers Association, A-lehdet, Aller Media, Keskisuomalainen. MTV, Sanoma, and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle).

The board of the fund includes, in addition to the chair, Marja Honkonen (Journalisti magazine / UJF), and Timo Huovinen (Yle). Anna Kähkönen, Jokes’ representative, acts as the fund’s secretary.


Donations to the fund can be made by private individuals. Donated money can be used e.g. for the costs of crisis therapy. The fund’s account details are:

FI14 8000 1300 5385 85, DABAFIHH.  (Fundraising Grant RA/2019/826)

For further information about donations and the activities of the fund  see: https://journalistiliitto.fi/en/journalists-support-fund/

In Finnish, see https://www.jokes-saatio.fi/journalistien-tukirahasto/



Chair of the management board of the Journalists’ Support Fund Matti Posio

Tel: 040 771 7828  matti.posio@lannenmedia.fi

Jokes foundation representative Anna Kähkönen (donations, applications for assistance)

Tel: 050 551 3961  anna.kahkonen@jokes-saatio.fi