Journalists’ ethics

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a democratic society. Good journalistic practice is based on the public’s right to have access to facts and opinions.

Key task of the Union

A key task of the Union of Journalists in Finland is to safeguard journalistic ethics, which are both central to the freedom of expression on which the journalistic profession and its whole identity depend.

The aim of the guidelines for journalists is to support the responsible use of freedom of speech in mass communication and encourage discourse on professional ethics.

Journalistic ethics are crucial to the practice of imparting sound information and ideas in the public domain.

Everyone is entitled to obtain information about official public documents in the public domain. Official documents are public documents unless otherwise regulated.

Principle of public access to official documents has in Finland for some 250 years.

Information must be available

It is not enough nowadays that the authorities to provide information upon request. Such information must also be made readily available.