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Collective agreement reached for AV translation agency staff

Talks on a new collective bargaining agreement for AV translation staff employed by translation agencies, and represented by Akava Special Branches and the UJF, wrapped up 23 January.

The new collective agreement runs until the end of January 2019. Pay and Euro denominated installments will increase by 1,5%, with 0,4% being agreed locally. The condition stipulated in the new agreement for having a locally agreed pay installment is that a union shop steward be appointed at the company concerned. The pay increase will take effect from the beginning of April.

Agreement was also reached on pay graduation and time-based pay during translators’ probationary periods. There was no agreement on other points.

“The outcome of the talks is almost purely a pay agreement, which in practice constitutes a regrettable course in this round of collective bargaining,” said Helena Lamponen, head of advocacy at Akava Special Branches. “But it’s great that the collective agreement for the AV translation sector will continue.”

Petri Savolainen, head of advocacy at the UJF said, “There wasn’t really any progress in terms of developing the AV translation sector, though there was a debate. The programme for improving the procurement fees for ostensibly self-employed people didn’t take off. Our unions will continue with the debate and we invite all players to take part, because there’s a need to develop the AV translation sector.”

It’s still to be clarified which of the six AV translation agencies will join the collective agreement. The UJF and Akava Special Branches will assess the results of the negotiations later this week.

On Wednesday, January 24, you will find out which of the six AV translation agencies are related to the negotiated collective agreement. The UJF and the Akava Special Branches will discuss the results of this week’s negotiations.