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AV translators’ collective agreement talks deadlocked

Negotiations on a new collective agreement involving the unions representing AV translators, Akava Special Branches and the UJF, and employers’ representatives, comprising translation agencies, have failed to make progress, with only one round of the talks having been agreed since they started at the beginning of December.

The talks have focussed on setting maximum daily workloads, and more clearly defining the demands of different tasks in the collective agreement.

The unions have also wanted the collective agreement to determine the procurement fees for non-contract workers, ostensibly self-employed, and have wanted the name of collective agreement to refer to the AV translation sector as a whole and not just to AV translation agencies.

The employers have opposed these demands, and have also wanted to de-link the collective agreement from the so-called Yhtyneet Collective Agreement covering AV work for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

“The situation is worrying, as there’s only been one round of talks agreed,” said head of advocacy at the UJF, Petri Savolainen.