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Aho urges return to the culture of agreement

All eyes are on the current round of collective bargaining negotiations, which are taking place across the media sector.

Talks concerning the collective agreement for the press started 16 December. Those for the publishing industry start 20 December, while talks covering film and TV production started 5 December.

Reviewing the situation across the Finnish labour market and the latest round of collective bargaining talks, UJF president Hanne Aho urged a return to the culture of collective bargaining agreements. Aho was addressing a meeting of the UJF Council in Helsinki, 12 December.

Aho said that the latest round of negotiations has been extraordinary.  “We’ve seen no desire to reach agreement but instead sabre rattling. Even the institution of the National Conciliator is wavering. Such developments are no benefit to workers or businesses. The culture of agreement is Finland’s strength and it should be returned to.”

“As with many other collective agreements, the UJF is waiting to see the outcome of collective agreements in the export sectors”, Aho told the meeting.

Future policies in the technology industry and other export sectors also indicate the level of wage increases in the UJF’s collective agreements.

For a long time, wage increases have been very moderate in the collective agreement areas covered by the union. They have a clear impact on the current round of collective bargaining talks.

“There has been little development on pay: it is known about in the workplace, and can also be seen from the UJF’s pay surveys,” said Aho. “The way wage increases are weighted also plays a special role in this round of talks.”